First Latin American HD Conference in Barranquilla, Colombia

Factor-H is organizing a conference bringing together an international panel of clinicians, scientists, and members of Latin American HD associations for a 2-day conference and associated events set for July 6-8 in Barranquilla, Colombia. The event is sponsored by the Colombian Neurology Association and Hilton hotels, where the event will take place. The meeting will host representatives from many Latin American associations, medical centers, and scientists and clinicians coming from North America, Latin America and Europe. We expect many people to attend and the event is free for all.

We will also be showing, for the first time, the full documentary of our visit to Rome in May 2018, where we took 5 families from Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina to be blessed by Pope Francis.

This event was co-organized by Factor-H and HDdennomore.

Prior to the medical and social conference we will be co-hosting the first ever HDYO meeting in Latin America. Matthew (HDYO Founder and President) and Cat (HDYO CEO) will be hosting 26 young people from 7 Latin American countries, who will gather in Barranquilla from the 4-6 of July to speak about the issues faced by young people working with these HD communities or by affected family members.

Finally, on July 9th, we will be conducting a medical mission in Juan de Acosta, near Barranquilla, the second largest cluster of HD in the world. Together with the departmental Secretary of Health and local universities, we expect to meet and care for many affected HD families in the region. Stay tuned for pictures and stories!

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