Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuan

huntington's disease

Ignacio (Nacho) is a neuroscientist working at CHDI Foundation (www.chdifoundation.org) where he leads a large team of scientists developing therapeutics for Huntington's disease. A native of Spain, Ignacio lives in Los Angeles. He obtained his PhD at the Johns Hopkins University and conducted postdoctoral studies at the Rockefeller University. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications and book chapters.

Ignacio started Factor-H in 2012 together with Claudia Perandones to help Latin American families suffering from Huntington's disease.

Ignacio is President and a Board Member of Factor-H

Roger Cachope

huntington's disease

Roger Cachope is a Colombian physician and neuroscientist who earned his Medical Doctor and Master's in Neurophysiology degrees from National University of Colombia, after which he devoted some years of clinical practice at the Central League Against Epilepsy Foundation. After postdoctoral experience in the U.S. at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and University of Maryland, Roger joined CHDI Foundation as Director of Systems Neurobiology, where he seeks to understand the brain circuitry impairments responsible for HD symptomatology, as well as the identification of potential therapeutic targets. Through Factor-H, Roger pursues to improve access from HD populations to medical care.

Roger is Vice President and a Board Member of Factor-H

Phillip Hardt

Phillip J. Hardt.jpg

Phillip J. Hardt obtained his Master’s degree in English from Western New Mexico University in Computer Information Systems. He is an HD advocate who believes that every person with HD and their families deserve the highest possible quality of living while patiently waiting on a cure!

He has received many awards for service to the HD community including the HD Lighthouse “Making the Light Brighter” award in 2001 and HDSA’s “2001 Person of the Year” award his for being an example to everyone with HD. In 2001 he was selected as the HDSA Arizona Affiliate Director for 8 years were he successfully helped thousands of individuals get off the streets, onto benefits and into safe assisted-living or nursing homes.  He also has directed the Arizona HD and Juvenile HD summer camps for 6 years. In October 2004, Phillip was privileged to be only one of seven individuals asked to bear testimony to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Congressional Committee On Genetic Discrimination.  He led three humanitarian missions to Juan de Acosta, Medellin and Bogota Colombia in 2006, 2007 and 2008.  In December 2016 he met Nacho in Colombia and a friendship was struck up immediately.

See Philip’s work at  www.philliphardt.com

Selene Capodarca

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Selene Capodarca has a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology from the University of Florence, Italy. She worked in clinical development for almost 20 years in Ireland, US and Italy, with a particular focus on neuroscience. In 2013 she joined the European Huntington Disease Network and she has been involved in several tasks supporting the activities of the network, such as Regional Coordination for Italy, clinical trial support, coordination of Cognitive Phenotype Working Group. Selene is currently the Global Project Manager for the Enroll-HD study, a global observational study for Huntington Disease.

Claudia Perandones

huntington's disease

Claudia Perandones is a physician specialized in Medical Genetics, and has a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering. She completed her PhD thesis in Molecular Biology of Neurodegenerative Diseases.

She is a member of the Scientific and Technological Coordination Unit of the Board of the National Administration of Laboratories and Institutes of Health (ANLIS) “Dr. Carlos G. Malbrán,” and the Scientific Director of the Latin American Network for Huntington’s Disease (RLAH).

She has published 25 peer-reviewed papers, two books, has contributed in multiple chapters of books about movement disorders, and has received numerous awards for her scientific and humanitarian work.

Mariela Campo

 Mariela Campo, President of Funcovulc, and Nacho delivering bicycles for Project Abrazos - December 2016

Mariela Campo, President of Funcovulc, and Nacho delivering bicycles for Project Abrazos - December 2016

Mariela Campo started Funcovulc in 2010 to bring attention to the needs of patients from the Magdalena State in Northern Colombia. This region is one of the most affected by Huntington's disease in Colombia. Mariela has a Masters' degree in social work and is an indispensable local contact. She enables, together with her volunteers, Factor-H's work in this region of Colombia. She also manages the Project Abrazos, the Kids' project, in Colombia.

Sonia Moreno

Sonia Moreno is a Psychologist, Neuropsychologist and specialist in neuro-rehabilitation. She obtained her doctorate in behavioral neuroscience from the University Pablo Olavide in Spain. She has worked for over 20 years in the Neuroscience Unit at the University of Antioquia (Colombia), where her focus is on neurodegenerative indications, including HD. She is an author of 35 publications and has received numerous awards for her research work. Currently she is part of Factor-H where she works actively in improving the quality of life of patients throughout Latin America.

Sonia is an associated Factor-H member in Medellin

Lennie Pineda

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Lennie Pineda earned her college degree in nursing at the University of Zulia, Venezuela and the Master of Science in biology, human genetics mention at the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research. She was a professor and researcher at the Institute of Genetic Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zulia, Venezuela, and became its director from 1991 to 1997. Her research activity has been directed mainly to the knowledge of the genetic structure of zulian populations and recently she is devoted to the study of ethical issues in human genetic research and the application of predictive tests in Huntington disease. Now she is retired but coordinates the HD Program at the institute. She has authored numerous publications and received numerous awards for her work at the University of Zulia. She was cofounder of the Venezuelan Society of Genetics where she served as President and cofounder of the Venezuelan Society of Human Genetics recently created.

Lennie oversees all Factor-H efforts in Maracaibo, Venezuela and is leading efforts in the areas of genetic diagnosis and counseling

Oscar Mario

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Oscar is a Colombian biologist graduated from the Universidad de Sucre; he has worked with local communities in environmental education and preservation of natural resources. Actually he works as a high school science teacher in Bogotá - Colombia; he has been a Factor H volunteer since 2016 in Project Abrazos, managing resources for recreational, educational and integration activities.