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Little Schools Program ​(Escuelita) in Barranquitas, Venezuela

The current objective of this educational intervention is to standardize the learning of children at risk of HD not enrolled in school so that they can be inserted or reinserted into the official formal educational structure. We began this program in 2020 and following a short discontinuation due to the covid-19 pandemic, we continue this […]

Educational Strategies for youth​

Education takes many forms. We approach the issue of educating our friends, depending on their ages, from various angles. We work with educators and psychologists to help them cope with the specter of the disease and the very difficult situations they experience at home, and because of the fact that they are all at risk […]

Programa Nuevos Horizontes​ (New Horizons). Re-structure of the Abrazos Program

Objective of the re-structuring To implement a restructuring of the existing Abrazos Program to provide equity, physical and mental health to all children and adolescents of families affected by Huntington’s Disease (HD) in Colombia and Venezuela. extends prior Abrazos Program to cover all children living in HD families, regardless of socioeconomic status; establishes age-dependent strategies, […]