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(A donor, a volunteer, a friend)

YOU, you are the heart of our organization. We have arms, legs and certainly, many brains, but just one heart: our donors, our volunteers, our friends…  any person who helps to spread the word about our mission. YOU too can help. 

As HD researchers, reviewing the programs that Factor-H have implemented to improve the lives of HD-afflicted families in South America is not only inspirational, but a potent reminder to all of us that our help does not, and should not, stop with scientific research.
Vahri and Baljit Khakh
It’s difficult for those of us whose families are not directly touched by Huntington’s Disease to imagine what it’s like to live with it. I can easily imagine, however, that walking your HD road in extreme poverty can only multiply the challenges, exacerbate the losses and steal many of the opportunities to cope that are available to others. Factor-H operates where Huntington’s and extreme poverty intersect. That’s what’s drawn me to actively helping with that work and its service. Factor- H is unique in its service to those in the world living with HD and needing assistance with the basic needs that others take for granted. I hope my friends and kindred spirits, within and outside the HD community, will follow me and embrace the work of Factor-H.
Jimmy Pollard
HD advocate
Having the opportunity to have met Factor-H has been a unique experience. Thanks to them I learned that there are communities such as patients with Huntinton’s Disease, where we can somehow, with our work and love of service, contribute to improve their living conditions. Thank you Factor-H for this great opportunity!
Carmen Lucia Avendaño Escorcia
Director Volunteer Department, Universidad Metropolitana, Colombia
Factor-H has made possible that hope is not lost for the Venezuelan HD communities. That children and adults with HD and their families can have better opportunities in life. As Factor-H main collaborators in Venezuela, we fully share this objective, and work closely together with drive and passion to bring the attention these communities need, to provide them with better health, nutrition, education and other basic necessities. Barranquitas & San Luis are not forgotten, and their existence in the world will no longer be hidden.
Marina Gonzalez de Kauffman
President, Fundacion Habitat LUZ