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(The human factor)

US. At Factor-H, we are a group of people coming from many different professions, countries and world-views. We are clinicians, scientists, social workers, educators, artists, and affected families… coming together to help people affected by Huntington’s disease and living in conditions of extreme vulnerability. We are united in our quest for social justice and for the defense of every person’s potential for self-realization. Working together today to improve the future of our friends affected by HD. 

In a scientific world where we want to measure and quantify everything, how do we measure the impact that hope has in a person or in a community?

If you want to explore more, you can find WHERE we currently develop our activities, who forms OUR TEAM, the four PILLARS on which we build our strategy, OUR COMMUNITY of partners, friends and people like you that make our work posible, and… of course, if you want to know about our ACCOUNTABILITY, you may do so by viewing our annual reports and financial statements. Finally, read more about our work in the PRESS section.

About Factor-H

In 2012, Factor-H was created to help to improve the quality of life of people affected with Huntington disease living in extreme conditions of poverty and social neglect. We work with the communities in Latin American most affected by this terrible disease. We want to change their conditions today by providing basic assistance, and provide resources for them to improve their current living conditions. We also work to help new generations of at-risk individuals grow up with a  healthier and more supportive environment, and with more opportunities to thrive and help one another.

To understand why Factor-H started please READ HERE

From the President

2020 was a year like no other.

The global Covid-19 pandemic impacted the entire world, but it has taken a heavy toll on poor communities around the world. Most of the families we assist live in vulnerable conditions, and their access to employment and medical assistance were significantly impacted.  We reacted to these challenges by organizing a large campaign to assist our communities. More than 400 families were received food, masks and disinfectants monthly for most of 2020. Overall, 2000 family members were aided through our program. We also instituted online educational campaigns as well as via our social agents. An emergency program… KEEP READING

"h" stands for 
Our Vision
A world in which families and communities impacted by Huntington’s disease live in dignity, equality and prosperity exercising their basic and fundamental rights, including their right to health and education.
Our Mission
To create the necessary conditions that build empowered, cared for, and self-sufficient families through alliances with their communities, local and international partners and organizations, both private and public.
Our values
We are all equal in our diversity regardless of age, sex, gender, belief, nationality, ethnicity, language, visible and invisible differences.
Our values
Our values
Diversity and inclusiveness:
Diversity enriches our work and we consider everyone to be unique. We embrace inclusive decision-making and believe everyone has a contribution to make.
Our values
Our values
Accountability and transparency:
We are accountable, first and foremost, to the communities we serve and to those who support our work.
Our values
Our values
We cannot achieve our goals alone. Building empowered and self-sufficient HD families and communities requires the work of many, including foundations, academia, institutions, governments, and the private sector.
Our values

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