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Miner & Factor-H holds a fundraising concert in Los Angeles
to support HD families in an evening of gratitude

Join us at The Lodge Rooms in Los Angeles at 18:00pm on Sunday September 03, 2023


104 N Ave 56 2nd floor
Los Angeles, California

Tickets start at $25 

Click here for concert TICKETS

Ticket Confirmations + Questions

If you additionally want to support our work consider donating

$500 – Bronze Sponsor (includes 2 tickets): Medical Assistance 
• Covers basic healthcare programs, such as regular check-ups for families and medication for patients
• Supports specialized treatments and assistive devices, such as wheelchairs or communication aids
$1000 – Silver Sponsor (2 tickets): Growth and Friendship 
• Offers children affected by Huntington’s disease the chance to attend recreational events tailored to their needs and abilities and provides a safe and supportive environment for children to form friendships and build self-confidence.
• Supports professional staff (psychologist, educators) and trained volunteers who can provide appropriate care and supervision during the camp or trip.
• Encourages personal growth, independence, and a sense of accomplishment among children by allowing them to explore new environments.
$2500 – Gold Sponsor (4 tickets): Home and Environment
• Encompasses all previous tiers’ benefits, with a focus on comprehensive and ongoing support and ensuring families have a stable and secure place to live.
• Covers the cost of home repairs and improvements to create safe, comfortable, and accessible living environments for children and their families.
• Supports the installation of adaptive equipment or modifications to make the home more suitable for children with mobility challenges caused by HD