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We believe in


The consequences of Huntington’s Disease
are currently unavoidable.
Those of extreme poverty aren’t.

Huntington’s Disease is a genetic, progressive and fatal neurodegenerative disease.  It does not discriminate based on ethnicity or gender. It advances slowly, but relentlessly. It’s cruel and always fatal. FACTOR-H is a not-for-profit organization that aims to diminish the suffering of people affected by Huntington’s Disease living in conditions of extreme vulnerability. 


Huntington’s disease is highly prevalent across many communities in Latin America. Geographical isolation and the individual histories of these communities have contributed to a prevalence of the disease that in some cases is 500-1,000 times higher than in other regions. The consequences of this high prevalence, and the poverty conditions in which these communities exist, have led to a situation that requires immediate attention. Poverty, ignorance and disease are a terrible combination that leads to inadequate healthcare, nutrition and living conditions.

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