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The story of Yohandri

by Tatiana Hinojosa Translated by Amanda Kauffman MY HOPE There are some moments where I think that life should be like a fantasy story, where we the children live in beautiful houses and wake up with the smell of spring flowers… When I was four, I was a very judicious girl, those who knew me […]

The story of Greis

By Tatiana Hinojosa Translated by Amanda Kauffman DESTINATIONS OF FAITH Greis prayed at night as the porcelain collection that adorned her wooden ledge looked at her family’s footsteps, the parsimony of time helped create the bad habit of fighting over everything and ended up driving her parents away. At that time, she listened amid darkness […]

The story of Dilia

by Tatiana Hinojosa Translation by Amanda Kauffman Divine Signs The musical dawn in charge of the municipal band announced the beginning of the festivities of San Martin of Loba, patron of Astrea, a municipality located north of the department of Cesar. The sound of the fliers encouraged the sleeping hearts, submerged in the perennial tranquility […]