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THE YAS STUDY from the Tabrizi group sheds light on earliest changes in HD

How the brain adapts itself to daily life situations and to internal or external insults has always been a fundamental question for science and medicine. In the case of HD, an essential quest has been to measure how the brain adapts to the presence of defective huntingtin protein in its cells, resisting the impact that […]

CASA DIGNIDAD – a day center for Barranquitas

C.A.S.A DIGNIDAD – A HOUSE FOR ALL by Marina Kauffman, president of Fundación Habitat LUZ The first time I went to Barranquitas, I was impressed by the beauty of its surroundings. A hidden place, almost untouched, to which an unfinished path leads but full of visual surprises. To see lagoons with birds reminiscent of the […]

Art4HD Program

The beginning of Factor-H took place in Mendoza, Argentina, in 2012, and we celebrated the beginning of our journey together as a team through music and dance. A tango troupe volunteered to take us into a magical and complex journey – one that we continue to take together through our humanity. Art has always been […]

Support communities involved in disease studies

Lack of continued help for poor families involved in Huntington’s-disease research has sown resentment and mistrust, says Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuan. By Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuan After decades of research, a genetic therapy for Huntington’s disease is being tested in clinical trials. Sponsored by Swiss pharmaceutical firm Roche and US-based Ionis Pharmaceuticals, this trial targets the gene that causes […]