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Barranquitas, Maracaibo

Population: 6.264 in census – Regional Health System. 76  HD families identified, 13 families with more than 1 member affected (total current HD manifest individuals = 98). A full census is ongoing through local patient association (Avenhun Zulia). estimated prevalence for at-risk individuals is 1-5% of the total population. Needs: Housing Local hospice for general […]

Barrio San Luis, Maracaibo

Barrio San Luis is a neighborhood in Maracaibo, Zulia. Of approximately 3100 people living here, 700 are at risk (23%). The prevalence is estimated to be extremely high, perhaps reaching 10% of all people living in this small and confined area near the city of Maracaibo. During our February/March 2013 visit we met with local […]

Venezuela Areas

Venezuela remains the country with the highest density of HD in a single location, in and around lake Maracaibo, in the province of Zulia. Factor-H is committed to helping the Venezuelan HD affected communities. The main communities in Venezuela with active Factor-H efforts are in Caracas, and in the Zulia communities of Barrio San Luis […]

Colombia Areas

Affected communities • Magdalena (El Difícil y San Ángel) • Juan de Acosta • Antioquía • Chocó • Bogotá Participating physicians • Dra. Natalia Costa Baena • Dra. Sonia Moreno • Dr. Oscar Bernal • Dr. Guillermo A. Monsalve Duarte • Dr. Mike Espinoza Participating community advocates Asociación Colombianos por la Enfermedad de Huntington “acolpEH” […]