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Venezuela Areas

Venezuela remains the country with the highest density of HD in a single location, in and around lake Maracaibo, in the province of Zulia.


Factor-H is committed to helping the Venezuelan HD affected communities. The main communities in Venezuela with active Factor-H efforts are in Caracas, and in the Zulia communities of Barrio San Luis (Maracaibo) and in Barranquitas. Factor-H together with Venezuelan physicians and the patient association representatives visited the Zulia communities in March 2013. During this trip, we delivered food and aid to many affected families, and defined main areas of need for these communities. We also met with the local physicians at the Maracaibo University Hospital and the Hospital Barrio San Luis, and listened to their needs. Together we will work to bring better access to medicines, basic needs, and to build a better future for the newer generations living with HD.

We recently visited Maracaibo accompanied by the following physicians and patient association representatives:
  • Robert Weiser (Neurologist, Caracas, Enroll-HD)
  • Ernesto Solis (Geneticist, Maracaibo, Enroll-HD)
  • Olmedo Ferrer (Neurologist, Maracaibo, Enroll-HD)
  • Lennie Pineda Bernal (former president of Venezuelan genetics society)
  • Avenhun (Asociacion Venezolana de Huntington’s)
    • Aleska Gonzalez de Zambrano (president)
    • Avenhun Zulia representatives

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