Session III CHDI Conference: Drs. Beth Stevens and Leslie Thompson

Beth Stevens Beth Stevens from HHMI and the Broad Institute spoke about her work in protecting synapses in the context of HD and the role of the immune system and microglial cells of the brain in modulating synaptic pruning in the adult brain, which enables the ‘sculpting’ of synaptic circuits. The hypothesis is that aberrant […]

Session III CHDI Conference: Drs. Gene Yeo and Irina Antonijevic

Dr. Gene Yeo from UCSD spoke about his recent work on targeting RNA degradation using Crispr-Cas13d. His lab focused on RNA binding proteins (RBPs) as regulators of gene expression, and as drug targets. He has developed methods to systematically study RBP functions, such as the enhanced eCLIP method, which his lab has done to characterize […]