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2024 Gratitude Day – a celebration of community

Gratitude day 2024 brings hope to Venezuela The importance of the contributions of the Venezuelan families to HD research and disease understanding cannot be minimized, even with the passing of time. The journey of these families in advancing our scientific and medical work started in the 1970s, after the presentation of Dr. Avila-Girón in 1972 […]

HD in the News: EHDN March Newsletter

In the recent EHDN Newsletter, Factor-H work is featured in two articles – the first launches the 2024 Gratitude Day campaign; the second is by Alex Fisher, who tells her story of coming to Venezuela and the work she is conducting together with Factor-H & Habitat LUZ in Maracaibo to launch a comprehensive caregiver program […]

Gratitude Day: Celebrating the Anniversary of the Discovery of the Huntingtin Gene

Gratitude Day Donations! See a summary video of Factor-H and collaborators programs in Venezuela in 2023 On March 23, 1993, a landmark Cell article was published, describing that the mutation in the gene responsible for Huntington’s disease had been identified for the first time. This discovery was possible thanks to the collaboration between scientists from […]

Health campaign to support the HD community in Algarrobo, Colombia

The Health Day, conducted on September 26, 2023, was aimed at children and adolescents belonging to the EH community in Algarrobo in the department of Magdalena, as a collaboration between Factor-H, the University Metropolitana (Barranquilla), University Area Andina (Valledupar), Colegio el Carmen and GREMCAN S.A. (a Colombian occupational heath NGO). The Universidad Metropolitana volunteer department […]

Miner Band

Miner is a folk-rock, family band based in Los Angeles, formed by husband and wife Justin & Kate Miner along with Justin’s brother Jeremy Miner. After self-producing their debut album Into The Morning (2014) in a spare bedroom with a single microphone, singles “Hey Love” and “Carousel” quickly racked up millions of plays, leading the […]

Gratitude Day – Video interviews from Spain

Ruth Blanco, president of the HD association in Spain & coordination of the European Huntington’s (EHA) program ‘Moving Forward‘ for Spain, conducted a series of interviews to support Factor-H Gratitude Day campaign. Ruth interviewed several scientists and family advocates from Europe, the USA and Venezuela, including Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuán, to discuss what the identification of the […]

Seminario del Dr. Muñoz-Sanjuán en la reunión de la sociedad de Neurología venezolana

Seminario del Dr. Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuan, fundador de Factor-h, en la reunión anual de la sociedad venezolana de neurología, el 3 de junio 2023. Ignacio habla sobre programas terapéuticos actuales para la enfermedad de Huntington, comentando información actual de todos los programas sintomáticos y aquellos dirigidos a disminuir la expresión de la proteína Huntingtina, en fases […]