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Health campaign to support the HD community in Algarrobo, Colombia

The Health Day, conducted on September 26, 2023, was aimed at children and adolescents belonging to the EH community in Algarrobo in the department of Magdalena, as a collaboration between Factor-H, the University Metropolitana (Barranquilla), University Area Andina (Valledupar), Colegio el Carmen and GREMCAN S.A. (a Colombian occupational heath NGO). The Universidad Metropolitana volunteer department […]

Miner Band

Miner is a folk-rock, family band based in Los Angeles, formed by husband and wife Justin & Kate Miner along with Justin’s brother Jeremy Miner. After self-producing their debut album Into The Morning (2014) in a spare bedroom with a single microphone, singles “Hey Love” and “Carousel” quickly racked up millions of plays, leading the […]

Gratitude Day – Video interviews from Spain

Ruth Blanco, president of the HD association in Spain & coordination of the European Huntington’s (EHA) program ‘Moving Forward‘ for Spain, conducted a series of interviews to support Factor-H Gratitude Day campaign. Ruth interviewed several scientists and family advocates from Europe, the USA and Venezuela, including Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuán, to discuss what the identification of the […]

Seminario del Dr. Muñoz-Sanjuán en la reunión de la sociedad de Neurología venezolana

Seminario del Dr. Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuan, fundador de Factor-h, en la reunión anual de la sociedad venezolana de neurología, el 3 de junio 2023. Ignacio habla sobre programas terapéuticos actuales para la enfermedad de Huntington, comentando información actual de todos los programas sintomáticos y aquellos dirigidos a disminuir la expresión de la proteína Huntingtina, en fases […]

In Memoriam, Dilia Oviedo

Dilia was born in San Martin of Loba, a municipality located north of the department of Cesar, Colombia. Her parents were Florentino and Ernestina. She met her husband, Valentin, who was also her cousin, at a dance when she was young, and they felt immediately in love. They had twelve children, although one of them […]


Gratitude Day 2023 was a success! The gratitude day campaign was adopted by many families, patient associations, friends of HD families, clinicians and scientists working on behalf of HD families. Below you can see a video of all the social media posts from these special and caring individuals who joined efforts to say ‘thank you’ […]

Factor-H featured in the Moving Along magazine of the Movement Disorder Society

The work Factor-H implements in Latin America is being recognized by the Movement Disorder Society, the main neurology association that deals with all aspects clinical and scientific with movement disorders. In their February 2023 issue of their magazine, Moving Along, Factor-H 2022 HD conference was highlighted. PLease take a look and read this article about […]

The hidden work of Factor-H – the story of Nelson

Nelson Echeverría is 49 years old and he is one of the HD individuals we assist. He is a wonderful person and always receives our social workers with a big smile. He lives in the outskirts of the town of Saco in the Atlántico department in Northern Colombia. He lives in very impoverished conditions and […]