Special Assistance Program​

Why we need a special assistance program and why we need to expand it We know many of the families we represent experience dire circumstances. We cannot help everyone all the time. Aside from our basic assistance program, we established a Special Assistance program to address particularly difficult situations. Only a few individuals so far […]

Educational Strategies for youth​

Education takes many forms. We approach the issue of educating our friends, depending on their ages, from various angles. We work with educators and psychologists to help them cope with the specter of the disease and the very difficult situations they experience at home, and because of the fact that they are all at risk […]

Programa Nuevos Horizontes​ (New Horizons). Re-structure of the Abrazos Program

Objective of the re-structuring To implement a restructuring of the existing Abrazos Program to provide equity, physical and mental health to all children and adolescents of families affected by Huntington’s Disease (HD) in Colombia and Venezuela. extends prior Abrazos Program to cover all children living in HD families, regardless of socioeconomic status; establishes age-dependent strategies, […]

The Latin American Professional Exchange Program

The LA PEP program’s main objective is to provide educational opportunities to health professionals in Latin American enclaves with a high incidence of Huntington’s disease. Two main dimensions Send Latin American professionals to be trained to HD centers of excellence in Barcelona (Spain), Medellin (Colombia) and Santiago (Chile).  Send a multidisciplinary team from HD centers of excellence […]

THE YAS STUDY from the Tabrizi group sheds light on earliest changes in HD

How the brain adapts itself to daily life situations and to internal or external insults has always been a fundamental question for science and medicine. In the case of HD, an essential quest has been to measure how the brain adapts to the presence of defective huntingtin protein in its cells, resisting the impact that […]

El Papa recibió a la chica argentina que sufre una rara enfermedad mortal

El Papa consoló a cientos de enfermos del mal de Huntington, una enfermedad genética mortal difundida sobre todo en la América Latina, animándolos a “no sentirse una carga” y lamentando el “aislamiento y abandono” que sufren. Entre ellos se encontraba Brenda, una adolescente argentina de 15 años y el cantante Axel, que cantó antes de […]

Caregivers Training Program (In person and App)

Factor-H has established formal collaborations with the University of Antioquia and the University of Medellín in Medellín (State of Antioquia), and the University Metropolitana (Barranquilla, State of Atlántico) to assist caregivers and the patients we directly support in Colombia (currently >130 families). Our employees work only in defined regions of Colombia and we are presently […]

The Dancing at The Vatican Documentary

Dancing at the Vatican

With over 20,000 views, Dancing at the Vatican documentary has been a success, and we hope this film has inspired people. We remember with fondness the trip to the Vatican and remain thankful for the words and warmth Pope Francis delivered to the HD community. The documentary is subtitled in several languages including Spanish and […]