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71 Respuestas

Tanto a quienes se enfrentan por primera vez a la enfermedad de Huntington, como quienes ya llevan años en relacionandose con ella -por un familiar o por sí mismos-, las preguntas no dejan de surgir día a día. Aquí hay 71 respuestas creadas por quienes, en Factor-H, pensamos que han hecho un esfuerzo de síntesis […]

2021 Course on targeting mutant HTT therapeutically for clinicians of the movement disorder society (MDS) by Ignacio Munoz-Sanjuan

In this 2021 course, Dr. Ignacio Munoz-Sanjuan, VP of translational biology at CHDI Foundation, speaks to the clinicians and movement disorder residents as part of a course about Huntington’s disease organized by EHDN and MDS. The seminar focuses on our current understanding of HTT biological aspects relevant to the development of therapeutics targeting the cause […]

Latest article from our founder on mutant HTT imaging

Revealing mHTT in real-time Huntington’s disease (HD) is caused by mutations in the gene encoding for the protein huntingtin (HTT), leading to accumulation of toxic mutant HTT (mHTT) aggregates. Development of therapies aiming to reduce mHTT is hindered by the lack of imaging methods to visualize mHTT in the living brain. Here, Bertoglio et al. developed a […]

New video of the kids program in Colombia

Our New Horizons program continues to evolve. Through a house-by-house survey we conducted in 2021, we have identified many more kids at-risk for HD living in very difficult conditions. This video clearly displays the environmental context in which many of the kids enrolled in the program since 2015 live, many of whom reside in rural […]

Medical Assistance Program

Improving access to healthcare has been at the core of Factor-H’s mission since its inception, knowing that health systems are usually under-prepared to optimally serve the rare diseases, and the situation in which HD families live in many regions of Latin-America makes the situation even more complex. The strategic planning that Factor-H recently concluded emphasizes […]

Special Assistance Program​

Why we need a special assistance program and why we need to expand it We know many of the families we represent experience dire circumstances. We cannot help everyone all the time. Aside from our basic assistance program, we established a Special Assistance program to address particularly difficult situations. Only a few individuals so far […]

Educational Strategies for youth​

Education takes many forms. We approach the issue of educating our friends, depending on their ages, from various angles. We work with educators and psychologists to help them cope with the specter of the disease and the very difficult situations they experience at home, and because of the fact that they are all at risk […]