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Arepa Day – 22 nonprofits including Factor-H unite in supporting Venezuelan families

22 humanitarian organizations = 1 common purpose: to help families in Venezuela

Arepa Day is a campaign aimed at improving access to health and nutritional services for Venezuelan families. Global Giving, the non-profit organization that supports other foundations, has selected 22 US-based non-profit foundations focused on helping Venezuelan causes, to help them raise funds.

All of the selected nonprofits are accredited and work towards improving access to health or nutrition in their communities, in different parts of the country.

Factor-H is very proud of having been selected as one of the participating organizations.

The organizations below, like Factor-H, want to help Venezuelan families.

More than 50% of Venezuelans live in poverty and 30% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition.

Arepa Day runs from September 5-9, 2023

Global Giving will match every donation dollar for dollar.

Please donate, even if a small amount, together we can make a real difference to people’s lives

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