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Everything we do, begins with our community

All the help we have provided has come from people within our outstanding community. 

It starts with a simple small gesture that creates an enormous impact in peoples lives. 


Our Partners

Factor-H official collaborating organizations

Fundación de Antioquia, Colombia

This Foundation provides administrative oversight of all Factor-H projects in Colombia

Fundación Habitat LUZ, Venezuela

This Foundation provides administrative oversight of all Factor-H projects in Venezuela

Universidad Metropolitana, Colombia

This Foundation manages volunteer programs on the Caribbean Coast, Colombia

Universidad Area Andina, Colombia

This Foundation provides legal services for HD families, helping to protect their rights

Fundación Avehun, Venezuela

Fundación Funmart, Colombia

This foundation manages strategic programs and projects in Colombia

Fundación Huntington, Zulia, Venezuela

HD association in Barranquitas, Venezuela.

Fundación AcolpEH, Colombia

HD association in Bogotá, Colombia

CETRAM center, Chile

Fundación Familias Huntington Peru

HD association in Lima, Peru.

Fundacion colombiana de enfermedades raras (FECOER)

Supporters $5,000+

Hargreaves family

Bell family

Mark & Debbie Romano

Advocates $10,000+

Elena Cattaneo

Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuán

MJB Charitable Trust

Haney family

Colombo family

Champions $50,000+

Our Friends $500+

Bill Kaemmerer

Vahri Beaumont

Mark & Debby Romano

Moretti family

Vogt family

Mulligan family

Liu family

John Grieco & Manish Champaniera

Michele Lodigiani

Garson & Nicole Foos

Celia Domínguez

Mai Huynh

Carolina Aristizábal

Miner family

KC Bui

George McAllister

Jeremy Nathans & Thanh Van Huynh

Milken Institute


Manyee Lieu

Ali Koshnan

Doug Vu

Colombo family

Lieu family

Alice Wexler

Longbin Liu

Huaxia South Chinese School

Anonymous donors