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THEM. People like you and me… kids, young adults, parents, siblings, sons and daughters …  some have already begun to develop symptoms of the disease. Others talk about relatives who cannot take care of themselves anymore. And many wait, day after day, for the moment when the gene, like a strange inheritance they do not welcome, might also arrive into their lives, when the first signs of the disease appear in themselves or their siblings, or in their kids. But regardless of their situation, all of them have the added burden of living in conditions of extreme vulnerability, which compounds their situation of living with, or suffering from, Huntington’s disease.

Guaranteering the right to health

  • Access to multidisciplinary and quality care for HD patients
  • Education for families and individuals
  • Genetic testing & genetic counseling
  • Professional training strategies
  • Access to medicines
  • Health related legal assistance
  • Clinical consensus for Latin America

Empowering Families & Communities

  • Basic assistance for families in extreme vulnerable situations
  • Special assistance – home improvements, access to water & electricity, funeral services
  • Promoting educational opportunities
  • Promoting livelihoods (microcredit program)
  • Community Day Centers

Resilient, informed & empowered new generations

  • Promoting the right to play
  • Facilitating access to education: training and capacity building
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Promoting health and reproductive rights
  • Youth mobilization
  • Access to psychological support
  • Recreational gatherings – building youth communities

Holding duty bearers to account

  • Identifying families
  • Data collection via surveys – medical & socio-economic
  • Legal assistance program
  • Education & influencing duty bearers: advocacy campaigns
  • HD Latin American conference & online workshops
  • Art4HD programs
  • Photography & Film projects