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Hunting for help in South America

With potential treatments for Huntington’s disease on the horizon, long-moot questions of responsibility towards Latin American communities are being felt acutely. But will the people who contributed to landmark research ever reap its benefi ts? Dara Mohammadi investigates By: Dara Mohammadi It’s dusk in a housing project on the outskirts

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New article about Colombia and Factor-H in the Lancet Neurology

Dara Mohammadi just wrote a final piece from the trip we took together to Colombia in April 2016. You can find the pdf of the article here: HD Colombia Lancet Also read about Enroll-HD efforts here: Please note that even though efforts to initiate Enroll-HD are underway in Colombia,

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Articulo sobre Juan de Acosta en Colombia

La poblacion de la EH de Juan de Acosta es una de las poblaciones mas grandes del mundo en cuanto a prevalencia de la enfermedad. Hace algo mas de un año visite a esta comunidad en Colombia, donde me reuni con el Dr. Daza, el neurologo que llevaba tratando a

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Factor-H and HD in Latin America in The Lancet Neurology

Recently, Adrian Burton, a medical writer, published an article about HD in Latin America which focused largely on the efforts of Factor_H in this continent. You can download the article by clicking on the link below. Enjoy reading it! The Lancet article  

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  • Article at EHDN Newsletter, 2019, by Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuán