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New video of the kids program in Colombia

Our New Horizons program continues to evolve. Through a house-by-house survey we conducted in 2021, we have identified many more kids at-risk for HD living in very difficult conditions. This video clearly displays the environmental context in which many of the kids enrolled in the program since 2015 live, many of whom reside in rural areas, in the Caribbean states of Colombia, and generally lack access to many necessities, and educational support. The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact of these families. Via remote events, we provided psychological and educational support, with the assistance of our staff as well as collaborating local institutions and professionals, like the psychologists from the University Metropolitana from nearby Barranquilla.

The video – shot and edited by our friend and colleague Arnel Arroyo Diaz from El Dificil, Colombia – also shows some of the fruits of our labor. How, for example, we were able in 2021 to facilitate education by giving the kids access to remote learning through tablets. We continue to provide basic assistance – food, clothes, medications, vitamins, etc.

We often hear than an image is worth more than a thousand words – here, the video captures the essence of the problem, and the tangible ways your donations help these kids do better in school and in life.

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