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Dr. Elena Cattaneo details in La Reppublica the cloning of the Huntington’s disease gene & the social impact of the disease

Elena Cattaneo, leading scientist in HD research and a Senator for Life in Italy, has written this piece for the newspaper La Reppublica, detailing the identification of the cloning of the mutation that causes HD. Dr. Cattaneo is a consultant for Factor-H and a dear friend and supporter. 

In this article, Dr. Cattaneo also speaks about the life of Dilia Oviedo from Colombia, the caregiver for excellence and a very important part in the life of the Factor-H team, who recently passed away (see Ignacio’s entry about Dilia here), and the immense social impact of this genetic disease.

Dilia didn’t give up. Despite extreme poverty, she turned her new home into a “safe haven” for many afflicted family members who, when they began to show the first symptoms, were entrusted to her care

You can read the English translation of Dr. Cattaneo’s article here

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