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The Community

A genetic mental disease affects not only an individual, but also the entire family. In areas with a high incidence of Huntington’s, the entire community is affected. The health of the community is a key objective for Factor-H. By providing holistic assistance to the communities we serve, we hope to change the trajectory of the disease and that of the new generations, to one with ample opportunities for self-realization.


Casa Dignidad

Factor-H purchased a plot of land in the center of town in 2018. We designed a center together with Habitat LUZ and students from the Lyle Center of Architecture (Cal Poly Pomona), in California. The final design was adapted by the Habitat LUZ team to meet local specifications. The enter will facilitate educational, medical and social activities for the largest HD cluster in the work, also the most impoverished. For a rendering of the building click HERE.


Microcredit Program

Program aims to provide micro-financing to HD families to support business initiatives, and helps support families to escape poverty. Credits up to US $2000/family are interest-free and are paid back monthly. The program is accompanied by financial and business education for participating families.


Basic Assistance Program

Basic monthly assistance for affiliated families in extreme need – food, nutritional supplements, vitamins, Covid-preparedness information, masks, disinfectants, etc. 

The program currently serves 450 families across Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.  The program also covers basic assistance for the children in our Kids program who require it.


Special Assistance Program

Comedor El Renacer: providing sustenance in Barranquitas, Venezuela.

The “Comedor” or food hall is operated by a local church to provide daily lunch assistance to 100 patients and 350 children at-risk for HD and living in conditions of extreme vulnerability. Many of these people eat only once a day and the food is generally of low nutritional value.

Families with special needs

Families with special needs.  Many of the families we represent experience extraordinary needs: lack of adequate housing, lack of beds, evictions for lack of funds to pay rent, kids no longer cared for adequately, etc. Factor-H is committed to raise funds for these special needs.



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