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Small gestures matter – building Dilia Oviedo a mausoleum for her family

Dilia Oviedo Güillín, a woman of unwavering spirit and strength, always dreamed of reuniting her deceased husband and children in a place where they could rest in peace together. From an early age, life presented her with numerous challenges, including a disease that would change her life completely, “Huntington’s Disease”, but she never let her desire to keep her family together, even in death, shut her down.

With a heart full of love and hope, she longed to see her children and husband together in one grave, a symbol of the unity and eternal love that had kept them close despite life’s circumstances.

Over the years, Dilia worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality. Each day, her faith and determination drove her to find a way to create a dignified resting place for her family, a sanctuary where they could be together forever.

However, fate had other plans, and before he could see his desire fulfilled, death knocked on his door. Her departure left a deep void in the hearts of those who knew and loved her, and their dream seemed to fade along with her.

But Dilia’s story does not end here. The Factor-H Foundation, under the direction of Dr. Ignacio Muñoz Sanjuán and who knew her testimony first-hand, decided to honor his memory in a special way.

Moved by their story of love and resilience and under the humanitarian mission of Factor-H, they managed to remodel and build a beautiful family vault, a place of eternal rest where Dilia, her children and her deceased grandchildren could be together, just as she had always dreamed.

The day of the vault’s inauguration was a time of deep emotion and gratitude and nostalgia as we remembered each of their loved ones. The family in Oviedo, with tears in their eyes, watched as the dream of their beloved mother and grandmother finally came true, a tomb full of peace and dignity.

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