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2022HDLatam Conferences Day 1-C2: Dr. Claudia Perandones

From October 19 to 21, Factor-h organized in Barranquilla, Colombia, the 2022 Huntington Latin American Conference with the presence of 35 speakers, among them scientists, researchers, experts in different health fields, HD associations, patients, and families. In her conference on the 19th, Factor-h’s co-founder Dra. Claudia Perandones, spoke about the “Relevance of Latin American contribution to our […]

2022 Latin American HD conference Day 1: a summary

October 19th. Saul arrived a day late from Panamá, after having missed his flight, and being unable to bring his mother, who suffers from HD to the conference, unfortunately, she did not have her papers in order on time. Saul had never been on a plane before or left his country. A few months ago, […]

Remembering 2022HDLatam Congress: “La Enfermedad de las Familias Rotas” by Charlie Cordero

“La Enfermedad de las Familias Rotas”, by Charlie Cordero, was premiered at the 2022 HD Latin American Congress in, Barraquilla, Colombia, as a collaboration between the artist and Factor-H. Charlie Cordero is a documentary photographer based in Colombia. The recurrent themes in his work are related to human rights, gender ideology, memory and reconciliation, conflicts […]

Remembering 2022HDLatam Congress: The video opening by Gindel Delgado

Emmy nominated cinematographer, Gindel Delgado, traveled across HD communities once more to gather images of people he already knows well. They welcomed his camera into their homes and their lives aware of the fact that he and Factor-h -who commissioned his work- will help to create awareness of their situation and will help them one […]

2022HDLatam Conferences Day 1: Ignacio Muñoz Sanjuan

From October 19 to 21, Factor-h organized in Barranquilla, Colombia, the 2022 Huntington Latin American Conference with the presence of 35 speakers among them scientists, researchers, experts in different health fields, HD associations, patients, and families. In his Welcome conference on the 19th, Factor-h’s President and founder, neuroscientist Ignacio Muñoz Sanjuan, presented the guidelines and […]

Colombian Media covers the 2022 Latin American HD Congress in Barranquilla

News Papers like El Heraldo, with a daily circulation of 200.000 copies and around 1 million daily visits to its website, or Radio Caracol, the main national radio station of Colombia covered, among others, the 2022 Huntington Latin American Congress organized by Factor-H. El Heraldo headline Estigma social, el verdadero mal de la enfermedad de […]

2022 Latam Huntington Conference: Speakers, guests, and members of the Factor-h family begin to arrive

Yesterday, Tuesday 18, throughout the day speakers, guests, members of associations, and members of the great family Factor-h began to arrive to Barranquilla for our 2022 HD Latin American Conference…  including  President and Vice President, doctors Ignacio Muñoz San Juan and Roger Cachope The Escenarium Events Group, created a WhatsApp’s group called “Prod General Huntington” to coordinate the […]

Trabajar para Factor-H: la dignidad que nos cura

Descansa en Paz Sr. Nelson

Hace unos días hubo una emergencia en Colombia. Desde España oigo como Nacho me cuenta desde Los Ángeles que acababan de estar “apagando un fuego”. Su nombre es Nelson, y es querido. Ha tenido una recaída. Es como si una pequeña red invisible e infinita nos uniera a todos. No se muy bien como se […]