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Colombian Media covers the 2022 Latin American HD Congress in Barranquilla

News Papers like El Heraldo, with a daily circulation of 200.000 copies and around 1 million daily visits to its website, or Radio Caracol, the main national radio station of Colombia covered, among others, the 2022 Huntington Latin American Congress organized by Factor-H. El Heraldo headline Estigma social, el verdadero mal de la enfermedad de Huntington (Social Stigma, the true problem of Huntington’s disease), focused on the social aspects covered at the Congress, where scientists gathered with families and social workers, at the Conference Venue Blue Gardens, where people where greeted by a moving photography exhibition by Vladimir Marcano entitled: “Huntington is not my name”, showing the faces of at-risk kids & adults with the disease.

Factor-H President, Ignacio Muñoz Sanjuan, speaking about the HD Congress at Radio Caracol.

Zona Cero, covered treatment advances for HD, and many others news outlets, Intez, Troya Noticias and Widow, focused on the international speakers -35 in total- that addressed an audience of more than 300 people.

Find below links to other news outlets:

Pasa la Voz, Prensa News, La Libertad, El Universal

Factor-H Vice Presidente Roger Cachope and President Ignacio Muñoz Sanjuan, being interviewed at Zona Cero.

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