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Actress Carmen Navarro, “La Conejo” in the TV show La Reina del Sur, gives explicit support to families with HD in Latin America

Carmen Navarro, La Reina del Sur

Spanish actriz, Carmen Navarro, became extremely famous and loved for her role as “La Conejo” in the TV Series La Reina del Sur, and today, May 15, she wanted to speak out on behalf of families afflicted with HD in Latin America. She asked to support the work that Factor-H and its volunteers carry out because of the special conditions that poverty creates in the Latin America communities from Colombia, Perú and Venezuela, where the largest clusters of HD reside.

In her post on Instagram, where Carmen has more than 100K followers, she insisted about the necessity of overcoming the “stigma” that surrounds the disease and the need to help people know about “this neurodegenerative” disease.

Carmen Navarro is interviewed in Spanish about her role in La Reina del Sur.

She explained that she became aware of Huntington’s Disease because of her friendship with Factor-H president Nacho Muñoz-Sanjuan. Both are from Valencia, Spain, but met in Madrid several times and became close friends. Navarro has worked in small roles in her youth with major directors like Almodovar, and she works also in theater, presently in the Teatro Lara, in the heart of the theater district in Madrid, playing a comedy role.

A reel with some of Navarro’s work.

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