CHDI de la conferencia (Sesión II) – Seminarios por los dres. Sandrine Humbert, Rafaelle Iennaco & Baljit Khakh

Sandrine Humbert from INSERM, Grenoble Institute for Neurosciences, spoke about the role of wild type HTT in brain development. Sandrine postulates that a significant component of HD pathogenesis involves the loss of function of normal HTT function(s), which involve, among other roles, the assembly of molecular complexes, including those transported by microtubules, and in the […]

Proyecto de mejora de viviendas de familias colombianas con la EH

Factor-H continues to deliver on its promises. We try to provide opportunities for families affected by HD. Sometimes, their needs require home improvement projects – they simply need nothing more than a better home to care for their family members. Slowly, one by one, Factor-H is raising the funds necessary to improve their living conditions. […]

Algunas fotos para finalizar el año y dar la bienvenida a un nuevo

We are very fortunate at Factor-H to count on the friendship and talent of amazing individuals working in the visual arts. Over the years, documenting the lives of people with Huntington’s disease in their communities has been essential to our mission – if we can’t capture the humanity behind the disease, the love between kids […]

Conozcan a Ignacio – una entrevista de Charles River Labs

Meet our second disruptor Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuán. Find out how Ignacio’s work is enabling organizations to develop novel therapies for Huntington’s disease. Through his drug discovery work at CHDI Foundation, a nonprofit organization, Ignacio fuels his motivation to uncover potential treatments and an eventual cure for this crippling transgenerational disease by partnering with multiple organizations with […]

Programa LA PEP: el primer destinatario de Maracaibo inicia la formación en Barcelona

Dr. Rey Varela en Barcelona

The LA PEP program (Latin American Professional Exchange Program) got started a week ago! This program aims to identify aspiring young health professionals working in the HD communities we serve, and facilitate fellowships for them to get training experience at leading HD institutions and hospitals in Spain, Colombia, and Chile. The goal is to motivate […]

Charlie Cordero, Colombian photographer joins our Art4HD program

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY Charlie Cordero is a 31-year-old documentary photographer based in Colombia. He has studied Photojournalism at the ERAM audiovisual and multimedia school (University of Girona) in Girona, Spain and a Masters in Editorial Photography and Photojournalism at the TAI School of Arts and Entertainment (Rey Juan Carlos University) in Madrid, Spain. The recurring themes […]

Lucha contra la Enfermedad de Huntington desde Todos los Ángulos

Perking Elmer

One Scientist’s Journey to Change the Status Quo Even with the strides in research that scientists have made in the last few decades, the innerworkings of the brain remain a mystery. Neurological diseases like Huntington’s, Parkinson’s,and Alzheimer’s are just three out of many potentially devastating diagnoses clinicians havethe difficult task of communicating to their patients […]

Nuevo podcast de CRL describe Factor-H

A few weeks ago, the scientific organization Charles River Laboratories (CRL) did a series on ‘inspiring scientists’ that showcase their work. Our President, Ignacio Muñoz (nacho) was featured in a documentary and a podcast. The podcast is now out. In it, Nacho is interviewed about his scientific work and the origins and mission of Factor-h. […]