Artículo por Factor-H sobre la enfermedad de Huntington en la revista de la organización HSG

The Huntington Study Group (HSG) is a USA-based non-profit organization dedicated to the development of therapies for HD, largely by promoting professional education and conducting clinical trials for HD.

The Insights magazine is HSG journal where updates and special features are communicated, in all areas of relevance to the mission of HSG. Its mission is to promote, disseminate, and facilitate research on Huntington’s disease. To fulfill its mission, HSG Insights is guided by an editorial board that includes representatives from academia, industry, and the HD community.

In 2020, HSG asked the Factor-H team to write an article for volume 24 (October 28, 2020), which was dedicated to describing inequities in health access. The article describes the issues we face to increase access to medications and lays out Factor-H vision for how to better enhance health care, in a holistic sense, in the countries where we work.

You can read the full article AQUÍ

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