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In Solidarity and Gratitude

Helping in the time of COVID-19

We all know that the most vulnerable sectors of any society are always the worst hit in times of crisis. The arrival of the novel coronavirus has isolated our communities even further. The most vulnerable sectors of any society are always the worst-hot in times of crisis. The governments of both Colombia and Venezuela have placed their residents on lockdown. Local hospitals and care centers, especially in Venezuela, are not equipped to deal with the imminent disaster. Basic support, already lacking in our affected communities, is even more unattainable during this period of isolation. 

As an organization dedicated to improving the health outcomes of underserved and vulnerable populations affected by Huntington’s Disease in Latin America, we are working tirelessly with our local partners to ensure our HD-affected communities are not abandoned while being even more isolated during the lockdown. Because of our team’s unfading dedication, we have been able to:

  • Purchase and distribute locally-made soaps to 140 families in Venezuela, 50 families in Colombia and 50 families in Perú

  • Convey official guidance on signs, symptoms, and prevention of COVID-19

  • Deliver food and basic necessities

Below are some of the photos sent to us by our partners and team on the ground as they distributed bags of food and basic necessities and informed patients in the hardest hit areas in San Luis, Venezuela, and the Colombian Caribbean Coast.

We are immensely grateful for our tenacious team in Colombia and Venezuela and for all of you, our donors. Without your help and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to help the families living with or at high risk for HD in vulnerable communities, who need it now more than ever. 

We would like to do a lot more and need immediate support in order to do so. With additional funds, our goal is to provide: 

  • Transportation in Maracaibo and in the Colombian Caribbean Coast to facilitate health care and to bring food, medicine, and basic necessities to the families unable to obtain them for themselves.

  • Ideally, we would like to purchase a van in each of these regions to assist our communities during this extreme period and in the recovery phase afterward.

Our goal is to raise $40,000 to achieve our goal.

Please help us reach our goal, stay safe and informed.

Thank you!

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