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Meeting in Mendoza, Argentina

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here we will discuss science news relevant to HD

OCT10 2012

Dear all – I am writing today from Argentina, I am here to present CHDI’s work at the second movement disorders meeting, organized by Freddy Michelli and Claudia Perandones from Argentina. Today I met with 3 incredible ladies from Venezuela, Rosa, Aleska and Zulay, who live daily with the incredible suffering of HD patients in this country. I heard their stories, and in spite of their struggles, I am confident together we will do something to help. I heard of towns where 60% of all people are HD positive, of families with 10 children affected by HD, of towns with no running water or houses. This makes my project Factor_H more needed, and more pressing that we raise funds to help the people who need it the most. During the meeting I will speak also to the relatives and physicians of other affected communities in Latin America: Peru, Brasil, and Colombia. This is an extremely moving moment for me, and one that makes me happy as well because it is bringing me together with the true “warriors” in this disease. We are now part of an extended social family working together around the world to make life better for all people suffering from HD.

Check out the website for Factor_H: it is now ‘live’!!!

I will be soon putting plans together to start raising funds, among the NGOs I am contemplating or discussing specific projects are Habitat for Humanity, Caritas, and Engineers Without Borders.

Please make sure you check often to see if we have signed agreements to start collecting funds/donations for these communities

All the best


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