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AcolpEH launches a video thanking Factor-H commitment to Colombian HD families

AcolpEH, the national HD patient association based in Bogota has been working with Factor-H for a few years in trying to develop aid programs to benefit the many affected families in Colombia. Based in Bogota, AcolpEH’s founder Janeth Mosquera issued a video recently where several of the families who received aid on behalf of Factor-H thank us for our work. This type of videos are very inspirational for us all, and make us stronger in our commitment to social justice and to improve the quality of life of these families. In the videos you will see some families from el Choco, in western Colombia, a recently discovered focus of HD, completely unknown to the medical professionals.
Link here for the video! (in Spanish but soon to be shown in English!)

Thank you Janeth and AcolpEH for your support, and for believing that together we can make a difference!



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