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Clothes get delivered to communities in need – thank you friends for supporting Factor-H efforts

Finally, we were able to donate more than 500 pounds of clothes for the Colombian communities. DHL sent the boxes free of charge to Factor-H, courtesy of Conexion Colombia, an NGO who financed the shipment. The clothes were sent to El Dificil (Magdalena State), Juan de Acosta, Bogota, Medellin, and Cordoba. Thanks for all the friends of Factor-H who donated the clothes. and Special thank you to Conexion Colombia, and to Janeth from AcolpEH; without her this would not have happened. Also thank you to Mariela, Doris and others who coordinated the donation to the local communities. These women (and please note they are all women!) are the real heroes. They spend their days living side by side with the affected, and doing everything they can to bring comfort and care for those suffering from Huntington’s disease.
Soon we will start a new collection- this time for school supplies, clothes, and toys for the many (thousands) of children at risk to develop HD in the Colombian communities. Stay connected, and if you ever want to reach me, email me.

You can also donate directly by sending Factor-H boxes to the following address:

Ignacio Munoz (BOX#A251)

8424 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 (USA)

We will attempt to ship material every few months. Stay well and thanks again for your support. Without it, their lives would be even harder!


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