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Factor_H launches in Mendoza, Argentina

Official launch event for Factor-H in Mendoza, Argentina
The official launch of Factor_H took place in the Sheraton hotel in Mendoza, Argentina, on October 12, 2012. The event included a seminar by Charles Sabine (see links here for youtube videos of his HD seminars; link), a friend and collaborator who flew from London to help us with this event. After Charles moving seminar about his life history with HD and the essential role of latin American families in the scientific efforts to identify the gene causative for HD, we turned to music as a way of celebrating both the beginnings of this long road called “Factor_H” and the wonderful community of everyone touched by HD. The very special, generous, and talented Tango company (BAS Pasion de Tango) came from Buenos Aires to perform one of their latest shows, for the HD community who arrived from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Uruguay.

A million “Thank Yous” to all the dancers and signer, and to the artistic director, Jorge Sergiani, a wonderful and kind human being. The Tango show was an incredible performance, and one that honors our host country of Argentina. Their perfomance was their gift to us and to the community, and it inspires all of us to donate whatever we can to help this noble effort! Special thanks to Claudia for helping with the organization of the event, and to the Sheraton who accommodated us in a very short amount of time so that the show could go on!

For me it was a very special moment, and I felt that we managed to instill a lot of optimism to all those who came from far away to be with us, learn about what we are doing, and start getting organized in crafting proposals for development projects in the affected communities.

So now Factor_H is a reality! Hope you will join us and help us in our quest!





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