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First home renovation project completed in Medellin with the help of Acolpeh and Habitat for Humanity!

In April 2014, the first home renovation project started in Medellin, as a collaborative project between Factor-H, Habitat for Humanity, and Acolpeh. Together we raised over US$8000 through the Habitat web site, and together we identified a few families in need of improved housing conditions. The first project took 3 weeks to complete and required a budget of approximately US$6000. The house is in the Medellin neighborhood of Barrio Manrique. The HD affected woman, Dora, lives there with her two kids. The husband left her years ago. The house had poor infrastructure, was leaky, and was inadequate for the needs of an HD patient, including the lack of access to the bathroom and shower, and the inadequate width of the hallway and access doors, making it impossible for wheelchair access. Given the limited funds we had, we focused on improving basic conditions of the dwelling, including an installation of electric wiring and panels, remodeling of the kitchen and bathroom to make them wheelchair accessible, improvement of plumbing, and the replacement of floors and ceilings with adequate support.
Today, Dora and her kids live in the house again and are very happy with the remodeling. According to our friends from Acolpeh who have done the follow-up visits since the renovation, Dora is happiest about having direct access to the shower, and her new kitchen area!


INFORME FINAL Casa Dora Luvi Barrera 14

INFORME FINAL Casa Dora Luvi Barrera 15















Below are some pictures of the final plan for Dora’s home, and the final product! I have also posted some images of the work conducted during the construction – courtesy of Habitat and Acolpeh.

  • Thank you to Acolpeh, who identified the families and worked with Habitat during the contractual and construction phases of the project. Without Janet and her colleagues at AcolpEh, Dora would not have a remodeled home!
  • Thank you to Habitat for Humanity (Andres and all his colleagues from Medellin), who made the donation collection and the project a reality!
  • And finally, thank you Dora for being so kind during the construction phase! We hope you will be happy in the house, and don’t forget we care for you!!!


Step-by-step images of the construction… first the demolition….


INFORME 1ra Semana-Huntington Dora Luvi Barrera 6 INFORME 1ra Semana-Huntington Dora Luvi Barrera 7






















By the second week, things are beginning to take shape and some cosmetic work is done to the kitchen and bathrooms, including new tiles.


INFORME 2ra Semana-Huntington Dora Luvi Barrera 9 INFORME FINAL Casa Dora Luvi Barrera 12























Then came the installation of electric panel, plumbing and grounding wire..

INFORME 1ra Semana-Huntington Dora Luvi Barrera 8




























Finally, a picture of Dora, her relatives and Acolpeh’s members that made this dream a reality for Dora. THANK YOU!


la foto 1  la foto 3





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