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Gratitude Day 2023 was a success!

The gratitude day campaign was adopted by many families, patient associations, friends of HD families, clinicians and scientists working on behalf of HD families. Below you can see a video of all the social media posts from these special and caring individuals who joined efforts to say ‘thank you’ to the Venezuelan families who helped identify the HTT gene. 

Altogether we raised $10,400 which will be used to support HD families from Venezuela.

A big Thank You to Jimmy, Katrin, Asún and Cristina who created the campaign and worked  for months to ensure its rapid adoption.

On March 23, 2023, Jimmy Pollard hosted a live streaming with Factor-H collaborators in San Luis & Barranquitas in Venezuela. In the video below, you can follow Marina Gonzalez de Kauffman, president of the NGO Habitat LUZ & Gindel Delgado, journalist and filmmaker from Caracas, working with the HD families. They connected the world to the HD families descendant from the families whose samples made possible the identification of the mutation that causes Huntington’s disease. In this video, Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuán translates the questions and comments. It is a rare glimpse of what life is like in Venezuela for these families, and a celebration of unity in this significant day for all HD families worldwide.

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