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Huntington’s Month in Argentina – and a concert to celebrate it!

Claudia has managed to stage an impressive array of meetings during the month of May to celebrate the people affected by Huntington’s disease in Argentina.

Part of this calendar of activities include a symposium to expose the social and medical issues affecting people suffering from HD. Both Claudia and I, as well as several international speakers, will be giving seminars on various aspects of the disease.

The symposium is called “II Jornada Internacional de Huntington’s disease”. Please try to attend, as the symposium is open to all at no cost!

You can find the brochure here!

There will also be a great fundraising concert by the great Argentinian singer LEON GIECO, and hosted by famous actor LITO CRUZ.

Both have agreed to help Factor-H and the Argentinian people affected by Huntington’s. This will be a unique event, and one that we hope you might be able to enjoy if you are in Buenos Aires on May 22, 2015.

The concert is FREE

A great THANK YOU to Claudia for pulling this off, and to LEON and LITO for their humanity and their willingness to help the Argentinian patients.


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