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New donations reaching families in El Dificl and San Angel, Colombia, via Funcovulc

Our work keeps progressing, albeit slowly, to assist impoverished families in Colombia and Venezuela.
With the help of several small donations from pharmaceutical and biotech companies working in the field of HD, we were able to gather some resources to finalize our aid programs in 2016.

Thank you to those organizations who have helped Factor-H. Without them, we would not be able to operate.

And thank you to HDSA and Louise Vetter for their help in mediating the donation transfers.

Below are some images of the latest delivery of food to the 10 affected families selected based on need. Many of these families live in areas of extreme poverty. You might recognize some of the children sponsored by Factor-H via the ‘Proyecto Abrazos’ program. Thanks to our help, they get food more regularly and now have suitabel clothes and shoes.

During this donation period, Funcovulc has been instrumental not only in delivering the donations, but also defining the specific needs of these families. For instance, as you will see in the pictures, we are providing equipment for the families to be able to cook their meals. In the future, we hope to be able to renovate their homes, enable them to access fresh water via the construction of wells in their plots of land, and also give them access to solar-powered lights. We are working on all of these aspects at the moment, identifying key partner organizations in Colombia.

While this aid is not sufficient to take them out of poverty, I know for certain that we are the only people trying to help these families, and that our efforts are important.




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