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Testimonial – Lawyer Brayan: “Thank you for bringing back the child that dwells within me.”

I want to start by writing a little about myself and about whom, through these lines, speaks to you.

My name is Brayan Hernández, a lawyer who is passionate about social work and the defense of human rights. A native of Tunja, Boyacá, in Colombia. Because of some labor decisions, I arrived in the city of Valledupar, Cesar, in November 2021, and took on a new professional challenge… In the midst of this new and genuine experience, I met Factor-h. Life has placed me here, I believe, to help in to fulfill one of the main purposes of the organization that is, to offer you, as a member of the Huntington community, legal advice. (More posts on this role and info about how we can help will follow soon. For now, I want to talk about… something else).

I have been at Factor-h for about four months and, today, I must say that I feel grateful to be a part of this project. On December 15, I participated in a Christmas holiday program in Juan de Acosta, a Colombian municipality located in the West of the department of Atlántico, just 1 hour from Barranquilla. It is precisely about that day that I want to talk to you and I want to do it because those moments there allowed me to share time with the community, and especially with the children.

“I think we all owe them what we have learned”.

It was a day to understand different realities, to rethink aspects of my own life and, of course, to continue to understand my place in this community.

From that day, I was left with the memories of the smiles of all the children, of their innocence and happiness, of their way of finding light, in the midst of darkness, of their curiosity to see the world with their joy, and gratitude at receiving a Christmas gift with faces full of amazement. Of their innocent questions, and their courage.

So I thought to myself….

Because of your charisma, your love and your hugs, it is because of you, the children of this community, that I believe Factor-h works so hard to bring you some of the well-being you deserve.

I think all of us could learn a lot from that day.  I felt in a comfortable place next to you, it was a space that allowed me to express who I truly am, that allowed me to relive my childhood days and enjoy, with everyone, the rhythm of music, the dances, the show, and all the fun.

Thank you for bringing back the child that dwells inside me and that, sometimes, in the midst of the monotony of life, I tend to think it does not exist anymore. Thank you for allowing me to be with you and make me feel just like another friend. Thank you for infecting me with your joy. Now a part of me will be always with you.

“The child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play hast lost forever the child who lived in him and who will be greatly needed” (Pablo Neruda).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023. With love, Brayan Hernández

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