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The Dancing at The Vatican Documentary

Dancing at the Vatican

With over 20,000 views, Dancing at the Vatican documentary has been a success, and we hope this film has inspired people. We remember with fondness the trip to the Vatican and remain thankful for the words and warmth Pope Francis delivered to the HD community. The documentary is subtitled in several languages including Spanish and Portuguese.

Remember, you can see the documentary free of charge in You Tube here

We are also sharing two videos from two of the main families who made history that day in Rome: Anyervi and his mother Maria, from Maracaibo, and Dilia and Maribel Oviedo from El Dificil, Colombia.

The videos were created for the opening/premiere of the documentary here in Los Angeles in 2019.

I think it is important to remember that these families came back to very difficult conditions, and that our work is not done yet. Factor-H continues to support all of the families in the film – even though the pandemic and the disease continue to take their toll on them and their communities. We need continued support to help more people with HD and living in conditions of extreme vulnerability.

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