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Venezuelan communities in Maracaibo need HELP

The situation in Venezuela is dire. Our local physicians are leaving the country if they can, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to live there. They cannot provide medications for their patients. Getting basic amenities and food is getting harder. The situation in Maracaibo is frankly terrible – I have been told that in Barranquitas, most people only get to eat once a day, if at all. This is the place with the largest numbers of people in the world living with HD. And they have no food, no medications, and very little support. If you are able to help somehow (you live in Latin America or can access Venezuela), please HELP. We tried to direct money and good there but it has been impossible so far. Sending food and clothes from Colombia was also impossible due to the closure of the border a few months ago. If there is anything anyone can do, please get in touch.


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