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Hunting for help in South America

With potential treatments for Huntington’s disease on the horizon, long-moot questions of responsibility towards Latin American communities are being felt acutely. But will the people who contributed to landmark research ever reap its benefi ts? Dara Mohammadi investigates

By: Dara Mohammadi

It’s dusk in a housing project on the outskirts Barranquilla, an industrial city in the northeast of Colombia. As dogs and children give chase to footballs on the streets outside,Mariela Oviedo, who runs a volunteer patients association for people with Huntington’s disease, is sitting with a group of family members in a stuff y front room too small for the 15 or so people assembled.
Oviedo has been on her feet for 14 hours so far today, delivering food and household supplies to the poorest families with the disease in the area . READ MORE

FUENTE: The Lancet Neurology

Autor: Dara Mohammadi

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