Visiting Colombia and Venezuela

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Claudia Perandones (Scientific Director of the Latinamerican network for HD) and myself will be visiting several of the affected communities in the upcoming days. We will visit some of the most devastated communities in Colombia and around lake Maracaibo in Venezula from february 23 through March 3, 2013. During this visit, we will speak to national and local physicians involved in the treatment of HD in these countries, as well as addressing directly the communities of affected members, their caregivers, and also speaking to local goivernment officials. This is the first time I will  be visiting the communities and I am very excited -and anxious- about the trip.
We will leep people updated on our travels and what we learn! we will be discussing how we can work together and defining projects to get our work started in these countries. We plan on visiting Peru and Brazil sometime later in the year. In Colombia we have organized a meeting between the local associations, Factor-H, and Habitat for Humanity, to define ways of funding and carrying out projects to support housing infrastructure for affected members of the communities.

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