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Educational Strategies for youth​

Education takes many forms. We approach the issue of educating our friends, depending on their ages, from various angles. We work with educators and psychologists to help them cope with the specter of the disease and the very difficult situations they experience at home, and because of the fact that they are all at risk to develop Huntington’s themselves.

In cases where kids do not know how to read and write, we provide special assistance and hire teachers to help them. This is particularly acute in Barranquitas, Venezuela.

However, most of the kids in San Luis, and in Colombia, have attained basic education although many are considerably delayed. We work with their families via our staff, volunteers and affiliated organizations to ensure kids attend school. During the pandemic, we obtained tablets and cell phones for the kids in Colombia to ensure they could continue learning remotely. 

In all places, we provide pens, pencils, notebooks, backpacks and other basic necessities so they can do their homework at home.

But education goes beyond schooling. We want to ensure they grow up with hope of achieving their dreams. Therefore, we organize workshops online as well as social media campaigns to get them engaged, motivated and excited to be part of a larger family, one that has no borders. In 2021, we conducted a campaign called ‘when I grow up I want to be’ and asked the kids from the three countries to draw postcards and signs, and create videos of them speaking about their dreams. You can see some of these below.

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